Jungle Book reimagined

World Premiere: 7 April 2022, Curve, Leicester

“We are now living in unprecedented and uncertain times, not only for our species but for all species on this planet. And the root cause of this conundrum is because we have forgotten our connection to our home, our planet. We all inhabit it, we all take from it, and we all build on it, but we have forgotten to return our respect for it.”
– Akram Khan

Akram Khan’s Jungle Book reimagined is a new work based on the much-loved story by Rudyard Kipling. With a new sense of urgency, Akram has reinterpreted this known story from another perspective, through the lens of today’s children – those who will inherit our world and become our future storytellers.

Embedded in the roots of Jungle Book is the deep threat that mankind poses towards nature. Akram and his team have reimagined the journey of Mowgli through the eyes of a refugee caught in a world devastated by the impact of climate change. They tell the story of a child who will help us to listen again, not to our voices but to the voices of the natural world that we, the modern world, try to silence. Jungle Book reimagined speaks to all generations as a step to remind, to relearn and to reimagine a new world together.

A stellar creative has worked on the reimagining, with a script written by Tariq Jordan, dramaturgy by Sharon Clark, to an original score by Jocelyn Pook. Sound design comes from Gareth Fry, lighting by Michael Hulls, visual stage design by Miriam Buether, video design and animation by YeastCulture, the visual technology turns the stage into a magical world that dives into the myths of today.

Jungle Book reimagined is performed by ten dancers: Maya Balam Meyong, Hector Ferrer, Harry Theadora Foster, Filippo FranzeseBianca MikahilJasper Narvaez, Max Revell, Matthew SandifordElpida Skourou, Holly Vallis, Jan Mikaela Villanueva, Lani Yamanaka.


"Jungle Book reimagined feels like a blockbuster cinematic experience with a powerful message for us all. It’s truly exceptional."

The Stage

Jungle Book reimagined

Production Trailer

By Maxime Dos


Director/Choreographer Akram Khan

Creative Associate/Coach Mavin Khoo
Writer Tariq Jordan
Dramaturgical Advisor Sharon Clark
Composer Jocelyn Pook
Sound Designer Gareth Fry
Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Visual Stage Designer Miriam Buether
Art Direction and Director of Animation Adam Smith (YeastCulture)
Producer/Director of Video Design Nick Hillel (YeastCulture)
Rotoscope Artists/Animators Naaman Azhari, Natasza Cetner, Edson R Bazzarin

Rehearsal Directors Nicky Henshall, Andrew Pan, Angela Towler

Dancers Maya Balam Meyong, Hector Ferrer, Harry Theadora Foster, Filippo Franzese, Bianca Mikahil, Jasper Narvaez, Max Revell, Matthew Sandiford, Elpida Skourou, Holly Vallis, Jan Mikaela Villanueva, Lani Yamanaka.

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"Jungle Book reimagined feels like a blockbuster cinematic experience with a powerful message for us all. It’s truly exceptional."


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