Elpida Skourou


Elpida was born and raised in Athens where she started dancing at the age of 4. In 2018, she graduated from the Greek National School of Dance (KSOT). During her studies she was chosen by Antony Lachky to perform Special Gala with the Hellenic Dance Company. After her studies, she participated in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, where she performed Christos Papadopoulos’ Exercise 27. In 2019, Elpida joined Akram Khan Company for Father: Vision of The Floating World, which was performed in Bangladesh in 2020 and was featured as part of Akram’s episode in the Netflix Series MOVEElpida was also a choreographic assistant and dancer for a RootlessRoot production for a collaboration with the Greek National Opera in 2021. Currently she is performing Outwitting the Devil.

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