Due to a recent knee injury, Israel Galván sadly had to withdraw from the US tour of TOROBAKA to undergo complete rest and rehabilitation, and is therefore unable to perform with Akram.

Still wanting to go forward with performances, they offer a very special gift to the public. Akram Khan performs alongside the four remarkable musicians, to reframe the show in an exclusive evening where the audience will enjoy the distinct language of TOROBAKA – celebrating and transcending traditional Kathak and flamenco roots.

This contest, TORO, takes place between Akram and the musicians, all masters of their own art: David Azurza’s fine countertenor, Christine Leboutte’s earthy contralto, Bobote, the accomplished palmero who is equally a wizard at beating flamenco rhythm with his feet, and the multi-talented Indian percussionist, B.C Manjunath, unleashing the cadences of his mrindanga drum.

Together they re-imagine the captivating dialogue between Indian and Spanish classical rhythms. Creating an unstoppable stream of sounds and movements, exploring even further their taste for improvisation and playfulness.


Created by
Akram Khan & Israel Galván

Performed by
Akram Khan

Music arranged and performed by
David Azurza, Bobote, Christine Leboutte, B C Manjunath

Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Costume Designer Kimie Nakano
Sound Designer Pedro León
Rehearsal Director Jose Agudo
Production Coordinator Amapola López
Technical Director Richard Fagan
Technical Manager Marcos Avilés

Lighting Stéphane Déjours

Tour Manager Amparo Hernández

Jean-Louis Fernandez

Behind the scenes

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