One Side to the Other

In 2014, Akram Khan curated the second work in The Lowry’s Performer as Curator series to bring together a personal selection of his influences including sculpture, painting, photography, film, live installation and performance.

Akram drew inspiration from those who had inspired him throughout his career, and artists whose work may inspire the next generation. Exploring contrast and opposites, traditional and contemporary, youth and youth experience detailing doubt and certainty, truth and fiction, he described the exhibition as a ‘sort of surreal Alice in Wonderland landscape of extremes’, curated alongside Sasha Milavic-Davies.

One Side to the Other



Artistic Director Akram Khan
Co-Director Sasha Milavic Davies
Lighting Designer Fabiana Piccioli
Technical Director Sander Loonen
Sound Designer Vincenzo Lamanga
Visual Designers Sasha Milavic Davies, Fabiana Piccioli, Sander Loonen

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