Time Out | Interview with Akram Khan

10 November 2022

The body is like a museum - you carry your past in your DNA and each generation gets a new collection of memories.

- Akram Khan

Meeting Akram Khan as he puts the finishing touches to his new exhibition at The Lowry, this is the word which would seem to define so much of the man’s work.

The dancer and choreographer has been doing it for years of course, notably in 2008 with ‘in-i’, a theatre piece which saw Khan work with actress Juliette Binoche and artist Anish Kapoor to create an exploration of love and relationships which saw the Oscar winner having to learn contemporary dance and Khan having to learn to act. This they did, swapping and sharing disciplines, against a moving wall by Kapoor. Khan is certainly not averse to taking risks.

Kapoor features here too, and is clearly one of Khan’s favourite artists. Work by Anthony Gormley, Nadav Kander and other artists who have inspired, influenced or pleased Khan is here too in an exhibition which is part of The Lowry’s ‘Performer As Curator’ series, something which began last year when Alison Goldfrapp was given free reign to create an exhibition of her own. Khan’s is a very different experience, mixing performance and visual art in a series of rooms through which you are guided.

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