Introducing GIGENIS, the generation of the Earth

We are humbled to reveal the details of Akram’s next creation, where Akram will return to his roots to curate his first ensemble piece showcasing Indian classical dance. 
GIGENIS draws from Akram’s deep connection to tradition, transcending time to evoke our civilization’s collective memories. 
In this new artistic journey as a director, Akram (unconventionally) shares the stage with an esteemed ensemble of Indian classical artists, including Kutiyattam artist Kapila Venu, Bharatanatyam soloists Mavin Khoo and Mythili Prakash, duo Vijna Vasudevan and Renjith Babu—with a score devised and performed through a collaboration of live musicians. 
GIGENIS represents not just a performance but a profound statement—a testament to the enduring resonance of tradition in a rapidly changing world.

GIGENIS, the generation of the Earth

Film by Maxime Dos


GIGENIS is produced by Productions Sarfati.

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