zero degrees

World Premiere: 8 July 2005, Sadler's Wells, London
Last performance: 27 April 2008, City Center, New-York

zero degrees is the reference point where everything begins…and everything ends. – Akram Khan

Khan and Larbi first met in 2000 when they quickly discovered strong similarities in their work. Both are sons of Islamic families brought up in Europe, and both draw upon this meeting of cultures, combining complex Indian Kathak dance with the speed and precision of contemporary movements.

zero degrees was born out of their longing to create work together. The production follows them on a journey to seek the reference point, the source, the ‘0’ at life’s core. Inspired by their own dual identities, the two search for this middle point through polar opposites; becoming/death, light/dark, chaos/order.

Creating the environment for this journey is artist Antony Gormley, most famous for his Angel of the North sculpture. Working closely with the two dancers, his design reflecs the concept of duality explored in zero degrees. A rare chance to see four of today’s greatest artists join forces, the music was specially commissioned by composer and producer Nitin Sawnhey.

zero degrees



Artistic Directors/Choreographers/Performers Akram Khan & Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Composer Nitin Sawhney
Lighting Designer Mikki Kunttu
Sculptor Antony Gormley
Costume Designer Kei Ito

Laura Anstee – Cello
Coordt Linke – Percussion
Faheem Mazhar – Vocals
Alies Sluiter – Violin

Farooq Chaudhry (Akram Khan Company) and
Lieven Thyrion (Les Ballets C. de la B.)

Dramaturge Guy Cools
Production Manager Fabiana Piccioli
Sound Engineer Nicolas Faure
Stage Manager Natan Rosseel

Casts Steve Haynes
Text Akram Khan

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