The Curry House Kid

In 2019, Akram returned to the curry houses of his youth to create a dance piece that told the story of the immigrant experience in Britain; Khan’s own take on the famous ‘The Last Supper’ painting by da Vinci, where he explores the nuances of eating out and the different roles people play in the experience.

The film used curry houses and Akram’s difficult experiences of his father’s own restaurant to tell a powerful story.

The one-hour documentary aired on Monday 29th April 2019, on Channel 4.


"Akram Khan’s memories of serving drunk white racists. This touching, bruising documentary delved into the dance icon’s traumatic past – and how it drove him to turn his rage into extraordinary art"


The Curry House Kid | ★★★★★ | The Guardian

"When the final dance was staged, it was breathtaking: heavy, beautiful, deeply moving. I was transfixed."


The Curry House Kid | 4* review | i

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