The Architects of Stillness

With all the work we produce, we set out to create from a desire to tell stories and travel through the process with clear intention. We’ve taken some time to think about how to keep the conversation open with you all, hoping, that even if we’re not out on the road touring, you can still find some inspiration.

Taking our fundamental principles and keeping in mind that we’re all spending more time in our own personal spaces, we’re presenting: The Architects of Stillness. This is the first time we’ve curated an online programme and were hoping to reach as many of you as possible. Here’s what we have planned:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Our Creative Associate Mavin Khoo will deliver contemporary ballet barre classes, accompanied either before or after by a session conducted by one of our Company dance artists on Facebook Live. The practices will have been catered so that professional dancers as well as our non-dancer audiences can get involved. You can find all the details for the sessions from 25 April-1 May 2020, here.

Every Friday evening at 9pm
Mavin will open a live conversation space titled
 Let’s Talk at 9pm on our Company Facebook

On Sunday evenings at 7.30pm
We will be releasing episodes of the audio series, 
An Ancient Observer. As a shared experience for families, Akram will narrate stories from different mythologies, very closely connected to his childhood. We’ll be launching the recordings on this webpage and post on our social channels when they’re up and ready for you to listen to.

Every Thursday
Farooq will share
Stories of Hope – a reflective, personal note to inspire you in our current times. You’ll find them on here or on our Instagram.

Every two weeks
We will release here a
Behind-the-Scenes documentary related to a specific production. You will access insight into the creative process and how some of our past Company works evolved.

In the coming weeks and even months, we’ll be feeding this space to share with you all of the things that inspire us. We’ll keep you updated, so keep checking in.

A Message from Akram and Mavin Khoo

Behind the scenes

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