Our Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom Project is an initiation between Numeridanse and Akram Khan Company. Inspired from the Company’s production Outwitting the Devil that centres the human connection to the natural world, this project was an opportunity for participants to evoke the wild things that we believe, live in all of us.

During 2020, we invited movers from anywhere in the world, no matter what their age, physical capabilities or level of dance experience, to explore the deepest parts of our imagination. We asked for the creators to choreograph their own performance embodying seven animals of their choice, to a music composed by Vincenzo Lamagna. We encouraged participants to then film their creative genius and send the performance video to Numeridanse.

In a world where people are connecting through digital devices more and more, it felt like the perfect time to invent and invest in new way of coming together. Using all the video submissions we received, video artist Maxime Dos has edited a final dance film that represents our global community: our shared animal kingdom.


Our Animal Kingdom

Akram Khan Company x Numeridanse Trailer

The Animal Kingdom Film is a culmination of self-exploration during a long stretch of confinement. Our video artist Maxime Dos wove all of the submissions together to music by Vincenzo Lamagna and created something that illustrates how boundless imagination can be.




Our Animal Kingdom | Invitation

Akram Khan invites and shares Our Animal Kingdom Initiative edited by Maxime Dos
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