Khan Chaudhry Productions
World Premiere: 26 April 2010, Sadler's Wells London
Last performance: 21 August 2014, King's Theatre, Edinburgh 

Gnosis is a work by Akram Khan in which he combines his classical Indian and contemporary dance roots. It begins with Khan revisiting the classical motifs of two earlier solos, Polaroid Feet and Tarana. We follow him on a pathway of transformation, culminating in a shattering conclusion. Pursuing the idea of the ‘knowledge within’, it is an exploration of the inner and outer battles of characters, the human and the godly.

Drawing from sources both ancient and modern, Gnosis is also inspired by the Hindu epic Mahabharata, in particular the story of Gandhari, the wife of the blind king who blindfolds herself for life to share his journey. It explores the notion of inner knowledge and clouded vision, seeing darkness and yet being blind to light.

Khan is accompanied on stage by an ensemble of exceptional musicians from around the world and acclaimed guest artist Fang-Yi Sheu, from Taiwan.




Artistic Director/Performer Akram Khan
Guest Artist Fang-Yi Sheu
Koushik Aithal – vocals
B C Manjunath – mridanga
Kartik Raghunathan – violin
Lucy Railton – cello
Sanju Sahai – tabla
Bernhard Schimpelsberger – drums
(previous musician: Faheem Mazhar)

Lighting Design Fabiana Piccioli
Sound Marcus Hyde
Costumes Kei Ito, Kimie Nakano
Dramaturge Ruth Little

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