Classical Intensive 2022

Seeking Satori

November/ December of 2022 marked the second AKC Classical Intensive, this time, in partnership with Sāraswatham Foundation & EnArt Consulting, in the South Indian city of Kumbakonam. This full week of practice and reflection offered a unique opportunity to the current generation of performing artists (12 Kathak dancers and 12 Bharatanatyam dancers) to participate in a creative lab with Akram Khan and Mavin Khoo that explored technique, choreography and process within the framework of Classicism. The programme was curated to facilitate a space of immersion; to delve into the unknown. 

Akram and Mavin invited 8 special ‘observers’ who come from a variety of backgrounds (dancers, producers, curators, writers). Bridging the past to the now, the intensive created a space to facilitate a dialogue between generations of Indian classical dancers and artists. 

Sessions were led by Akram Khan, Mavin Khoo, Kapila Venu and their respective musicians. Nightly lecture demonstrations were led by vocal artists Sriram Parasuram, Bombay Jayashri and dance artists Kapila Venu and Mavin Khoo.

The AKC Classical Intensive programme began in 2019 as an initiative to provide an opportunity for Indian classical dancers to re-immerse and re-invest themselves into the traditions and values that sit within the framework of classicism in Indian Dance and Music practice. 

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