Artist Development 2021

“By providing three UK-based dance artists with R&D periods and support, I want to help them further deepen their practice and strengthen their own voice.”
– Akram

As a Company, we know and understand how invaluable the research and development phase of a new work is, and how much it helps to define an artist’s work, voice, practice and identity, all in a creative space that is critical and empowering. Therefore, in partnership with Sky Arts and under Akram’s direction as Sky Arts Ambassador, our Legacy department curated an Artist-Development Programme to provide financial support, resources and mentoring to three UK-based dance artists, whose individual works are rooted in different traditions and practises.

I want to develop a sense of collective and thought-provoking mentorship where artists are given a chance to invest and investigate a much-needed creative and critical space within a challenging context for the arts.”
– Akram

From May – November 2021, we gave the artists a rare opportunity to invest in and investigate their own personal practises, to really delve into specificities and details, with no pressure of an outcome or product. They were encouraged to connect with their guttural instincts and inspiration, and to use the opportunity to empower themselves through a process of observation and deep absorption.

Artist Development | Full Film

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