The Times Review “Silent Warriors Reborn”

22 January 2016

The incandescent production transcends narrative in depicting with emotional clarity a world of core values - a world where love, loyalty, betrayal, and regret play out starkly

- Judith Flanders

A literary supplement written for The Times by Judith Flanders reviewing Until the Lions in 2016.

“Khan has taken his audiences on autobiographical journeys before, especially in DESH, an exploration of his Bangladeshi heritage. These narratives have, of necessity, been dominated by questions of masculinity. Yet Khan trained in khatak, the north Indian classical dance form, continues to show himself a performer of startling ambiguity, and with this show he gives femininity top billing as it is condenses a thread from Karithika Naïr’s Until the Lions, a poem cycle that re-narrates the point of view of the unspeaking and unvoiced – the women.”


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