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3 October 2022

When the final dance was staged, it was breathtaking: heavy, beautiful, deeply moving. I was transfixed.

Half of all the Indian restaurants in Britain will close in the next 10 years,” Khan told us, after meeting a restaurant owner who said “Brick Lane is dying”, and fretted about what he might do if his was the next to go: “Stress, heart attack, or maybe something else.” He also met a female restaurant owner who was convinced that curry houses need to modernise to survive. Her opinions were dismissed by male peers. “It’s too much of an old boys’ club,” she said. “I’m not welcome within my own community.

Khan explored curry houses as the way immigrants found their homes and acceptance in London, often leaving families behind and risking attacks and bigoted rioters. Then he met a young student and rapper who was desperate, as Khan had been, to escape. “Your parents’ generation wanted to get in, and this generation wants to get out,” Khan noted.

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