We are thrilled to finally reveal our next Company production: Outwitting the Devil.

In between touring to festivals with the XENOS team, Akram spent the summer deliberating the artists he would collaborate with to formulate our next Company piece. Along with a helping hand from Mavin Khoo, the extensive search for performers were finalised to the special six: Ching-Ying Chien, Andrew Pan, Dominique Petit, James Pham, Mythili Prakash and Sam Pratt.

Joining us, are some of Akram’s most trusted collaborators: dramaturg Ruth Little, costume designer Kimie Nakano, lighting designer Aideen Malone, composer Vincenzo Lamagna, rehearsal director Mavin Khoo and to complete the creative cast, visual designer Tom Scutt.

We’re incredibly excited for the new year and all that we’re going to be sharing with you. Watch this space!

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