Shahidul Alam.

World-renowned photographer, our friend Shahidul Alam was arrested and has been detained by Bangladeshi police officials for nearly two months.

As the global struggle for Freedom of Expression continues, so does our concern for Shahidul’s wellbeing. We’re standing in solidarity with our allies from all over the world to support his immediate release. Not because he was instrumental in shaping the artistic narrative of Akram’s solo DESH but because he is an educator, an uncompromising fighter for those who face systematic oppression, because he unapologetically speaks on government corruption and because he is a visual journalist that has gifted this world with a commentary worth telling.

As the touring for our family show Chotto Desh draws to a close this year, we’re reflecting on the journey it’s taken over the last three years and looking back to where it all started. Karthika Naïr, a long-standing collaborator and close friend of the Company, offers us a personal note to shine a light on Shahidul’s brilliance. You can read the full note HERE.

Support Amnesty International’s campaign here: Free Shahidul Alam and protect free speech.

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