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We are in challenging times, and for those suffering as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, our hearts are with you.

Telling meaningful and relevant stories through live dance is our passion but we have been compelled to find new ways of reaching out to you since the shutdown. So, we shifted our focus from touring performances to online experiences and we were absolutely thrilled and humbled that our online programmes, Architects of Stillness and Animal Kingdom, brought together over two million people virtually during a four-month period. It’s more than we hoped for, and it reinforced our understanding that dance is such a powerful medium for creating a sense of belonging.

As you may be aware, the performing arts industry has been brought to its knees. An industry where its collaborative nature relies on the skills, talents and generosity of teams of freelancers. We have lost more than nine months of touring which has significantly damaged both our artistic ambitions and the livelihoods of our permanent and freelance staff. To help us stabilize and breathe life back into our artistic vision we are going to need your help. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could consider making a donation to AKC, in an amount meaningful to you. Hearing from you will boost us with a renewed sense of purpose as we prepare to come out of the crisis once the world feels safe again.

Thank you.

“There are those that work from the mind, and those who work from instinct. All I know, is that we have to speak.”

Akram Khan


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