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By looking at the future, I am also looking more at the past and asking where did we go wrong? I am trying to address other peoples stories, others voices that were silenced.”  – Akram Khan

On 5 October Akram Khan Company celebrated its 20th anniversary.  We have now entered the beginning of our third decade, more determined than ever in a year where a global pandemic has taken away two meaningful collaborators, the studio and the stage.

Our world faces many challenges: racial inequality, climate change, loss of freedom of movement, and rising nationalism, to name just a few. In each, voices become increasingly unheard and invisible.  As often in our works our passion for storytelling, coupled with our own desire to learn, has shone light on these troubled and disturbing themes.  We remain as committed as ever by striving to be our best when the world feels like it’s at its worst.

We’ve always believed our audiences are the final collaborators who help us complete our work.  By doing so it reflects back to us. We have invited you to listen and to dream as we speak through dance. For this we are truly grateful. Now we are inviting you to participate in our future.  Please support us by making a financial contribution, not only in celebration of our anniversary, but most importantly to stand by us as we look to preserve our artistic values and allow them to flourish in the next twenty years.

Thank you.

"When we’ve been at our very best, our art has comforted the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable."

Farooq Chaudhry


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