Behind the Scenes

My only ritual is: ‘Let’s turn up at the studio and see what happens.’ The space is like a playground for the senses. Listening and speaking. Watching and smelling. Giving in and resisting.” – Akram


During these testing times, we want to share with you the pulsing heart of our work and our spirit. If nothing can replace the emotion of a live performance, the most fascinating and sacred experience of a production starts from behind the scenes, from the moment the artistic tribe reunites.

For the next few months, we will be offering a very special insight into the creative process of Akram’s most renowned pieces for the past 20 years. Every two weeks on this page, you will be able to discover a new documentary and to immerse yourself into Akram’s vision through the making of one of the Company works.

Available until 30 May 2020, we’re presenting another film by Gilles Delmas. This documentary follows the creation process of bahok in 2008 where Akram collaborated with dancers from National Ballet of China as well as dancers from Korea, Spain, South Africa, Slovakia and India.

Check out Letters on the Bridge – below!

Letters on the Bridge, a film by Gilles Delmas, 2008

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