We are so proud of Ching-Ying Chien, performing in Until the Lions, for winning the Outstanding Female Performance (Modern) Award at the 2016 National Dance Awards. Huge congratulations to a wonderful dance artist!


“Thank you National Dance Awards for the encouragement and recognition. 

This award is not just for me! It belongs to each individual whose artistic contributions, effort and support made Until the Lions possible: musicians, rehearsal directors, technicians, the executive team and of course, my family in Taiwan. My partner Kuan Hsaing, my friends and mentors who helped me along the way: Fang Yi Sheu, Huai-min Lin, Mavin Khoo, Catherine Schaub Abkarian, and Akram Khan.

Most importantly, this role and experience would not have been possible without Christine Joy Ritter. Thank you for your strong and positive energy. Sharing this stage with you has been really fun!

I come from Taiwan, a small island that is full of potential.

I often wonder as a dancer, if I make a contribution to the people and to society? To some perhaps, very little but if even one person visits me after a show and tells me that they are deeply moved and have been touched spiritually, I know that I do.

Dance is beyond language and boundaries. Continuing to exist in a rapid developing world, tells us just how pure and precious this art form is.

I am honoured to be one of the many dancers who still believe and I feel privileged that I’ve been given the opportunity to keep going down this road.

Thank you.” – Ching-Ying Chien

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